Common Ways of Apparel Printing

There are two main types of apparel printing: direct-to-fabric and sublimation. Direct-to-fabric apparel printing is a newer method that prints the design directly onto the fabric, eliminating the need for separate colors. This method is more expensive, but it allows you to use any color and shade of it. It also produces more detailed prints than other methods, and is often the best option for large-scale designs. In addition, it is easier to maintain the quality of direct-to-fabric garments.

The first method of apparel printing is heat transfer. It produces a high-quality decal and is particularly convenient for low-volume prints. However, the process is expensive and time-consuming, especially if you are printing high-volume orders. In contrast, direct-to-fabric printing uses modern inkjet technology to produce excellent quality prints. It is a great option for small-scale orders. There are also other methods of apparel printing.

Direct-to-fabric printing (DTG) is an excellent choice for short-run orders. Because it involves no screens, there is no minimum order, and it produces less waste than other methods. Another popular method of apparel printing is heat transfer, which uses a mirror-image image of the design to apply directly to the fabric. These heat transfers can be applied to any fabric, ranging from lightweight cotton to synthetic blends. You can ask the sales rep at your printer for more information and pricing on this process.

The most popular method of apparel printing is screen printing. The benefits and disadvantages of screen printing are cost, vibrancy of color, and speed of the order. In contrast, direct-to-garment printing allows you to choose any color you want on any garment. This method is the most expensive, but it can also be the best option for achieving your desired look. One source media offers custom apparel printing at affordable prices, and is able to produce high-quality work for your company.

Custom-made apparel is ideal for high-quality customization. Whether you want a logo or a company name, custom embroidery can make your apparel look sharp and professional. It can also be used on custom-made hats, bags, and polos. DTG printing is a digital process that allows full-color images to be directly printed on a garment. It is perfect for polyester and t-shirts, and is also used on outdoor flags.

DTG printing is a popular method for mass-production apparel. This method also works well for temporary tattoos and photographic imaging. The inks are applied to the garment by using a screen, and the fabric is heat-set using a tunnel dryer or heat press. This type of printing allows for many color combinations and offers the highest quality possible. It is also the fastest way to imprint a logo or other design on a garment. If you need the service of a reliable Apparel printing company just visit a local Chicago screen printing company near you.

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